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This is suppose to be my daughter's first time in the Disney park. As a single mom, it is not very easy to afford a pleasure like this especially from different state. My daughter Christine a 6-yearl old girl, sell her stuff on the garage sale to be able to afford things in the park including meal, toys, etc. On the 5th day, me and my daughter could not get in because our card won't work. They told us somebody else had to cancel it. But how could that be of possible? So we went to the ticket office, hitch a cab, yada yada and spent money for it to figure out what was going on. Nobody helped us and not only that we lost our 1-day pass but also spent money on the cab. My daughter was very sad and I was disappointed. How could this have happen to us? Also, the disney office confiscated our ticket for further investigation. This is not a very good disney experience at all. It didn't turned out to be magical moment for my daughter the way she expected it. Thanks Disney!

Emily Ferreras


Monetary Loss: $200.

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Ridge Manor, Florida, United States #864263

Where did you buy tickets? Because with a receipt at Disney for proof they should have fixed it. If you bought the tickets elsewhere, there are all kinds of scams using old tickets...

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #694848
Why would you need to hitch a cab? Ticket sales are at every park... :?

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